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Art and Deco

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The subject of home decoration is very extensive.

It shows who you are, reflects your personality, and your essence.

Whatever your style is, the idea of decorating is to create a harmonious environment.

Along this blog, we will provide ideas using handmade crafts from different regions of Mexico. You will love them all. Mexican handicrafts are a trend in home deco.

We are going to use the traditional hand embroidered textiles made in the states of Chiapas, Oaxaca and Hidalgo. You will be amazed with the incredible use of color and textures that will add uniqueness to any space in your home.

Ideas for your living room

Just make sure you have a plain element as the main piece in the room, for example a white coach and add some of this elements for a chic and sofisticated look.

                               Mexican Accents for your Home Decoration

In this photograph we have a black rebozo from Chiapas (from San Andres Larrainzar), a red square decorative pillow also from Chiapas (waist loom made), and a rectangular decorative pillow hand embroidered in Hidalgo, better known as a “tenango” (from San Nicolas)

                               Mexican Tenango Decorations                 Chiapas Rug for Home Decoration

Just a chair becomes the center of attention with a rectangular “tenango” decorative pillow. Or try a waist loom rug from Chiapas.     Really beautiful do not you think?

                                  Embroidered Tenango Pillow Covers

   Purple Waist Loom Chiapas Cushion CoverSan Andres Chiaps Pillow CoverTraditional Waist Loom Chiapas Cushion Cover

Find some of the traditional Chiapas waist loom decorative pillows and Tenango´s handmade embroidered pillows made from some of the women we work with.

Some other ideas and products we love:

          Mexican Tenango Embroidery Bench   Mexican Tenango Embroidery Ottoman

On the left: wooden bench with hand-embroidery made in Tenango, Hidalgo.  To the right: bench with drawer, upholstered with fabric printed with Tenango designs.  Both pieces with provide a harmonious atmosphere and a unique style to any room. 

                                 Mexican Tenango Embroidery Side Lamp         Mexican Tenango Embroidery Ceiling Lamp

To achieve a unique style, try any of these beautiful Mexican lamps…. Awesome, right? Weather you pick the table lamp or the ceiling lamp besides achieving a great deco style you help preserving not only the culture and traditions of Mexican indigenous communities, you also contribute to support their main source of income.

Ideas four your dining room:

           Mexican Traditional Waist Loom Table Runner    Chiapas Embridery Table Runner    Tenango Mexican Table Runner

Use table runners. The first image on the left shows a waits loom made rebozo (from Chiapas), the image in the middle shows a handmade table runner using and ancient technique called chopped-embroidery (also made in Chiapas), and the image on the right is a classic hand embroidered Tenango (from the State of Hidalgo).

                    Mexican Chiapas Placemat       Chiapas Embroidered Placemats

If decorating the environment is not your thing, but you are a fan of Mexican handicrafts, these individual tablecloths will be the right touch in your table.

Ideas for your bedroom

Our bedroom is the most important space in the house, there must always be harmony so we can give our body the rest it needs.

        Mexican Tenango Bed Runner   Mexican Chiapas Embroidered Pillows

With a pair of decorative pillows and a bed throw, fill your room with color and good vibes. The image on the left shows designs of Tenango (Hidalgo) and the image on the right shows designs from Oaxaca (from the Itsmo region).

            Tenango Embroidered Hanging Fabric    Tenango Mexican Decorations    Tenango Embroidered Orange Ottoman

All these accessories will provide a unique style to your home. Feel free to choose any combination,  even use different styles, they will match as you see in the above images.

Remember, imagination is the limit. 


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