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Best Wedding Destinations

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The most important day in your life is getting close, and you need all preparatives to be ready, but it seems it is a never ending list…. invitations, food, flowers, rings, music, dress… maybe it will help to start with the number one decision to make… the place where the wedding it to take place ….

We will help you decide with some interesting hints… Stay with me, you are going to like it.

Woodland Wedding

We love nature. To breath pure air and to get in touch with nature will make you feel alive!! Use the beauty of nature and add some hippie chic style, far away from the city noise find the harmony the forest provide. Your guest will enjoy the open space, the feeling of peace and magnificence only the woods can provide…. This is the closest you will be to the sky while on earth.

Wedding Girl Page with Mexican Dress

Park Wedding

If you are looking for a Romantic Wedding you have to consider A PARK, is far more conventional than the forest but keeps all the elements of romance and nature you are looking for. In a park you can go more sophisticated and still have the great view indulging trees flowers, lights…

                                                            Traditional White Mexican Dress for Wedding Bridesmaids

Beach Wedding

The most famous wedding is a beach wedding, nobody resist a beach wedding, the perfect time for this wedding is undoubtedly summer!!!

If you live close to a Beach, consider it like the ideal place for the wedding ceremony, can you imagine it? The view is incomparable, the sound of the weaves, the ocean is amazing and the sunset in the beach is spectacular.

You can use simple decoration as centerpieces, maybe just white flowers will do, and table cloths in light colors will be perfect. Think about going light and color full for your guests and for the bride a simple dress, the gentleman will be used light colors, the perfect harmony! Do not think for the perfect place, this is it!!

Traditional Bridesmaids Mexican Dress in the Beach

Now that you have analyzed these three options which is your favorite? Which suits your personality or what would be the wedding of your dreams.


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