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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a Party Full of Colors and Folklore.

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A little history.

“Cinco de Mayo” is an important date for Mexico. In 1862 Mexican troops defeated the almighty French Army in Puebla. Cinco de Mayo is the date we commemorate “Dia de la batalla de Puebla. The hero in this Battle was General Ignacio Zaragoza. The report from General Zaragoza to President Benito Juárez García said: “Las armas nacionales se han cubierto de Gloria”

Cinco de Mayo celebration.

In Mexico we commemorate Cinco de Mayo with a civic ceremony in schools and government offices, in USA and everywhere in the world this day is very festive, full of color and folklore, with parades full of typical Mexican costumes and lots of food such as: Tamales, Tostadas, Mole, Pozole among many other Mexican antojitos.

                                                Cinco de Mayo Perfect Jalisco Outfit

Mexican Clothing for Cinco de Mayo.

For cinco de mayo celebration wear Mexican costumes, don’t worry! We can help you!

Once you know at what time is the party you can choose the perfect outfit. Mexico has a great variety of traditional costumes and traditional clothing, we are sure you we will find the perfect outfits for you and your family. 

Cinco de Mayo Clothing for Little Girls

For the little girls try Mexican dresses and blouses with handmade embroidery or frayed. All outfits shown in pictures are available for cinco de mayo`s party. All confortable and fresh.

Cinco de Mayo Outfits for Girls and Boys

Or select a Mexican Costume, we have all these models. All ideal for Cinco deMmayo, September 16th or any other party you have.

Mexican Clothing for Cinco de Mayo Celebration

If you are looking for an outfit for yourself check these amazing options: traditional embroidery Mexican dresses perfect for any party or casual event. You and your little girl will look amazing.

You need come celebrate this date!!! The perfect event to wear Mexican clothing. Cinco de mayo is an awesome celebration and a great party, always full of color and folklore, happiness, Mariachi and delicious food!!!

Live this traditional party, full of folklore with the best option: MexicanClothing Co. 


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