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Día de la Candelaria (Candlemass day)

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Have you ever heard of this celebration?

Do you know why is it common to celebrate Candlemas day in Mexico?

In this article you will find a little bit of history about this celebration.

In Mexico the Candlemas day is a day of celebration with our families. Kings day and the Candlemas day are celebrations very closed in the calendar, we celebrate King´s day on Jan 6th, we gather with family and friends around a delicious “homemade king´s day bread”. This authentic dessert has unique ingredients like quince paste, Ate and a touch of date decorating.   

                                La Candelaria Mexican Traditional Celebration

The tradition says you should leave one of your shoes at the Christmas tree (YES!!! we keep the Christmas tree until Jan 6th) on the nigth of January 5th with a gift petition for the wise men, Melcher, Gaspar and Balthazar, and you may get your gift by next morning. Generally this activity is done by childrens.

Along the day (jan 6th) members of the family are offered a piece of king’s bread that symbolizes the crown of these biblical characters. The interesting fact about this tradition is that inside this sweet-bread are hidden small figurines that symbolize baby Jesus. All family members one by one begin to pick and cut their share of the king´s bread.

The family member blessed with the baby Jesus figurine will have to organize and pay for the celebraton of the Virgen of the Candelaria commonly known as Candelaria´s day on February 02nd. Traditionally the celebration host will offer tamales ad atole, coffe and hot chocolate.

                                                     Virgen de la Candelaria

On February 02nd, in Mexico and many other countries we celebrate the Virgen of the Candelaria. The Candelaria has origins in the biblical passages when Jesus makes his presentation in Jerusalem´s temple. For us it symbolizes the fusion of our indigenous roots and Christianity.

All religious celebrations in Mexico are accompanied with specific gastronomy, for the Candelaria we have tamales and atole. Atole is a hot corn infusion made made of many flavors; mixed with almost any fruit you can imagine. Would you like to try this delicious 100 % Mexican drink? My favorite atole is Champurrado, you need to try it and for sure you will love it.   How to make Champurrado?....... Check out these tamales recipes and atoles recipes  

      Hot Corn Infusion Atole for Candelaria Day   Tamales for Candelaria Day

If you do not celebrate this date yet, you need to write it down in your calendar so you do not forget it. And please share.... we really appreciate your support in sharing this info as a way of keeping our traditions alive!!


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