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Mothers Day Mexican Tradition Too!

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This blog is a little different.

We interviewed some of our followers and ask for a definition of MOTHER…. This is what we got:

                                                                Mother and Child Mexican Clothing

  “Unconditional love… even when everyone is gone, even when you failed, it will be the hand that will lift you up and encourage you to get ahead because there is no bigger love. Mother`s love is the purest, most sincere and loyal love a person has”  28 years old, Pedagogue

“The strongest and most capable person I know”  29 years old, Graphic Designer.

“A mother is who cares, educates, gives us strength, guides us, lets us make mistakes, criticizes positively, is the only best friend you will have in your life”  30 years old, Administrator.

                                                             Mother and Daugher with Mexican Fiesta Dress

                       “It is the one that will drive you crazy, push you to the limit, the one that will care, the one giving you advice (requested or not); the only one that loves you unconditionally”  43 years old, Executive Assistant.

“Love in all the extension of the word, is my greatest support and the person who will always be by my side unconditionally, she is my best friend”  30 years old, Fashion Design.

“True love. She provides me with peace. The friend that never fails” 28 years old, Lawyer. 

                                                          Mother and Daughter with a Mexican Puebla Dress   

                       “My support, the one that helps me to be a better person, my friend and my confidant”  24 years old and, Artisan

“She is my world”  55 years old, stay-at-home-mom

“The human being who loved you before meeting you and the first person who taught you the value of unconditional love”  28 years old, System Operator      

                                                        Mother's Day Mexican Clothing

 “Mother is the one who decides to give her body, time and effort, her complete life changes for her child, a mother will always be a great role model for everyone she loves”  29 years old, Taylor.

“She is your confidant and the best friend, she will never betray you”  21 years old, Merchant

“She is unconditional support; she supports you in good times and bad.”  27 years old, Teacher

                                             Mother's Day Purple Mexican Dress  

We thank our followers to take the time to collaborate in this special blog. Take time to celebrate your mother, not only on mother`s day but everyday.  We congratulate the mothers and grandmothers that work with us, thank you for your talent, your patience and time; you provide the world with the love and wonders that your hands create when you embroider.

Happy MOTHER`S DAY. We recognize the great effort and dedication that you imprint in the world around you. We wish you a wonderfull day!!


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