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Being good parents seems simple.

When we are born we totally depend on someone else to survive. Step by step we develop skills that allows us to communicate, to move, to be independent; and one day we believe we know everything….. we so strongly believe it, until you become a parent!!

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 From that moment on happiness will have a different meaning, time will have a different pace, and love will have a different dimension.

By the time you realize you have no clue on how to be a parent you are already responsible for another human being that totally depends on you to survive, to develop skills to communicate, to move, to be independent. Parenting is the most complex role you ever be assigned to…. Suddenly you start realizing your parents were actually right, you start using those phrases your parents used with you, you understand the true meaning of love.

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Today we want to thank our parents.

For guiding us, for loving us, for never giving up on us. 

June 01st is the international celebration for PARENTS DAY. 

U.N. recognizes "family" as one of the pillars of society and recognizes the importance of parenting.

Happy Day to our life teachers: Our parents. 


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