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​Have a fun Summer

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Summer is here, the season of the year between spring and autumn is also the warmest of the four; it is time for fresh and colorful clothes, it is time to go outside, to the park, to the pool, to the zoo!!

Summer time is the best season of the year. Days are always sunny, if you do not like the cold, this season is ideal for you! In this blog we will be talking about how to enjoy to the maximum the beautiful and warm summer!

When a new year begins, we only hope that the months pass by really quickly to enjoy a great summer, we imagine the beach, the tanned skin and some cold cocktails and that incredible bikini.

                                                                                Mexican Summer Attire: dress, swim suit, sandals

Use the excuse of the bikini and pair it together with this dress from MEXICAN CLOTHING. It is ideal for this summer, it is a sleeveless dress made in cotton, you can use it with sandals for a comfortable outfit…

The sun is the perfect to get together with friends and enjoy the weather; travel to the beach and tan, feel the sand on your feet and listen to the relaxing sea.    

                                                                             Girls Mexican Dress Summer Day

You can have impeccable skin this summer with a divine color by taking carrot juice, although skin care experts recommend she carrot juice starting on sprint so the effects are visible in summer.

June, July and August are the summer months for the northern (or Boreal) hemisphere and December, January and February are the summer months for the southern (or Austral) hemisphere. For those who are enjoying the summer in these months, we write this blog with love and those who are in the middle of winter prepare to live a great summer.

If the beach is far away, a pool is a good option, you are not far from home and one can achieve a natural tan. 

                                                                Mexican Dress in Swimming Pool

Our friends send us this photo where we can see the traditional dresses from Puebla but with a fresher style. The yellow and Navy Blue are sleeveless and the orange is off shoulders. All three super feminine.

Enjoy this summer with us.

#Summerstarted and #MexicanClothing knows it.

This brand has incredibly cool garments for you, ideal for this warmth weather. Enjoy your summer with a 100% Mexican #Outfit

                                                                Mexican Dresses in Summer Fun

Summer is for small-clothes, use very short shorts.

                                                                   Mexican Blouses in Playground

 Plan ahead to enjoy summertime with your family, maybe a picnic; any place is the right one when you are with the right people. Be happy, embrace the world, feel alive; do not forget your camera and smile!! 

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