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Mexican Clothing and Traditions Blog

December 12 - Our Lady of Guadalupe

Have you ever been in a religious pilgrimage? Catholic community is very large in Mexico, every year in December Catholics have the most important religious pilgrimage to the Basilica of Guadalupe. Do you know where the basilica of Guadalupe is located? Have you ever hear about Juan Diego?History says that the Virgin Mary revealed herself to Juan [...]

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Mexican Revolution Outfits

"Popular entre la tropa era Adelita, La mujer que el sargento idolatraba  que además de ser valiente era bonita  que hasta el mismo coronel la respetaba".The lyrics of the popular know song of Adelita written by Guadalupe Barajas Romero is known everywhere in Mexico; Adelita and Pancho Villa are the most iconic characters of the Mexican Revolution. We [...]

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How Do I Know If It Is Hand Emrboidered?

Thanks so much for Reading us, please let us know if you are interested in a particular topic!If you like hand made products you will find this information very very useful, we will tell what to look for in a product to be sure that it is hand-made.We will share with you some of the products we [...]

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La Catrina Origins, Makeup and Outfit

“Death is democratic; it takes rich and poor, white and brown, everyone ends up being a skeleton” José Guadalupe PosadasJosé Guadalupe Posadas is the author or LA CATRINA, he was born in Central Mexico in 1852, he worked as a publicist most of his life.  Taller de grabado de José Guadalupe PosadasLA CATRINA in one of the most representative icons in [...]

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Frida Khalo

A complex character full of colors, she is known around the world, she was born in 1907 and had a life rich in contrasts.                                                ¨Me retrato a mí misma porque paso mucho tiempo a solas [...]

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The Day That Changed the World: October 12th 1492

Before October 12, 1492 there were only 3 continents known; Europe, Africa and AsiaCristopher Colombus was willing to navegate “around” the world (it was common believe back then that earth was flat) to find a shorter way to get to India with commercial purposes; such an endeavor required full support from Spain´s Queen Isabel. The journey [...]

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Colors of the Fall

Fall is my favorite season. Walking around just to hear the leaves in the floor cracking, i just find it relaxing, amazing, cute.For us living in hot climates fall gives us a break. One can start wearing accessories such as sweaters, ponchos, blazers and all the trendy items waiting in our drawers.Officially the Fall starts on September [...]

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International Day of Peace September 21st

September 21st is the International Day of Peace.United Nations members agreed on a common objective regarding world peace: “sustainable development, end poverty (in all its forms), shared prosperity and partnership” (B.K-M)                                                  We believe [...]

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Mexico Full of Colors

If you happen to be in Mexico on September you will experience a world painted in red, white and green. On September 15th we celebrate Mexican Independence Day; along the month of September we go crazy with the colors of our flag and we get a great variety of merchandising to commemorate Independence Day; in almost every corner [...]

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Mexican Independece: The Dolores Bell

Mexico´s Independence started with the sound of a bell. Stay with us along this blog to know the history of one of the most iconic symbols of Mexican Independence: the independence bell.It was 1768 in a small town in Central Mexico; Dolores; the bell tower was under construction but not yet ready to receive the bell that [...]

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