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Mexican Clothing and Traditions Blog

Mexican Indepence Day: El Grito

One of the most remarkable dates for Mexicans is just about to come. We celebrate independence day with a great party, full with colors, Mexican traditional clothing and friends!! If you are looking forward to celebrate Mexican Independence day stay with us, we will share the best ideas for your El Grito party.If you plan to celebrate [...]

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Mexican Independence Day: The Day at El Grito

We have a great variety of food in México. Every State has plenty of traditional plates, some of these are cultural in heritage from our great grand fathers. Every plate will tell a history and will amaze even the highest standard palates. For this coming MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY, we get together with family [...]

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Mexican Wedding Party

Mexican Wedding Reception Continue with Part III and the end of our Mexican wedding blog series, we arrived to the moment we were waiting: The Party!  Believe me there are many many different traditions and customs that cannot be missed in a Mexican wedding celebration.Let's begin...The party officially begins with the triumphant entry of the bride and groom to the [...]

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Mexican Wedding Traditions

We continue with the second part of our blog, we hope you enjoy it and help us share Octavio Paz said "We are a Ritual Country” (talking about Mexico), and weddings are a clear example as it is a celebration rich in traditions, beliefs and rituals.Mexican Wedding DressLet's start with the wedding dress. Since ancient times the [...]

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Mexican Wedding - Step by Step

Mexico is recognized for being a country rich in traditions and festivities, and weddings are not the exception. Weddings are an emotional and traditional celebration. In this first part of our blog “Mexican Weddings” we'll discuss the ceremony and events before the big day.The First Step - Will you marry Me? The first step of this celebration [...]

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Uipil Mexican Apparel

Welcome to our Mexican Apparel Store!I want to introduce you to our new eCommerce site. We are very proud to promote Mexican Apparel; the dresses, tops, skirts and many other clothing items, textiles and accessories from our dear Mexico.Mexican Apparel Traditional StyleIn the first place, we have arranged with co-ops of women across different regions of Mexico [...]

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