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San Antonino Oaxaca Mexican dress embroidered frayed and crocheted fancy mini styleOaxaca Peasant Mexican Clothing

The San Antonino peasant Mexican dress also called Mexican Oaxaca dress is becoming more and more popular. The embroidery designs are smaller and more detailed than designs from other regions in Mexico.  Thanks to this people around the world appreciate their beauty and work.  San Antonino Castillo Velasco is the name of the town in the state of Oaxaca that made these designs world famous. Clothing is made by co-ops of women who embroider across the region for extra family income.

The style of the peasant Mexican Oaxaca dress is loose as a tunic.  There are different lengths for different occasions and likes and there is also the Mexican Oaxaca blouse or top.  We also have contemporary styles using the same embroidery designs but having differences in the cuts, sleeves, neckline, etc.

There are also hand-frayed pieces that make them so unique.  Fraying is a process in which the fabric is broken down to threads and tightened together to create beautiful accents in the textile.

There are different classes or levels of this dress based primarily on the amount of work needed.  The basic designs have less embroidery than the more sophisticated versions.  The intermediate level has extensive embroidery across the front and back and also in the sleeves. The higher end designs have additionally bands of embroidery and fraying across the dress.

Typical uses of the Oaxaca Mexican dress are:

  • Formal events day or night especially the more sophisticated designs
  • Casual wearing with or without accessories
  • Over jeans or leggings
  • Weddings, religious celebrations or any other special occasion

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