Granny has spent her entire life embroidering, despite having physical limitations. These amazing traditional garments speak for herself, the mothers of the community embroider in products there daily lives, and every stitch expresses their dreams and desires to get ahead. The communal and everyday nature of embroidery in Mexico is enthralling and of particular interest was it’s role amongst women. Many of the artisans had been taught by their mothers and grandmothers from the ages of 5 and 6. The most intricate designs were learned by heart and followed intuitively without patterns. Women spoke of how they began their embroideries at the end of their busy days and it was often a time to relax and meditate. The income that their craft generates gives them financial independence and autonomy, and there were several stories of grandmother’s supporting whole families with their embroidered textiles or women uniting to form co-operatives despite resistance. Each woman described her work with great pride especially the hours invested as well as the significance of the colours, motifs and designs to their culture, heritage and tradition. However, the most touching sentiment that was shared by most of the women was that the embroideries inherently expressed their emotions and feelings and embodied aspects of their personalities, lives and experiences.



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