Here you can find Puebla dresses also called Tehucanaeras. They are made near Tehuacan, which is a small city in the state of Puebla just east of Mexico City.  Women in the countryside use their free time to embroider these beautiful Mexican dresses, which gives them additional income to support their families. The garments they make and we offer here are still used by them. They have world famous embroidery designs and therefore this is the most recognized peasant Mexican dress.

The style of the traditional Puebla dress is usually a tunic and they can be worn with a nice belt, shawl or other accessories. We also offer more modern and contemporary versions of these designs. Our in house designers have come up with sleeveless, puff sleeves, straight cuts, and short and long versions.

Typical uses of this Puebla peasant Mexican dress are

  • Casual with nice accessories
  • Beach day on top of the swimming suit or bikini
  • With leggings or jeans specially the short version of the dress