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Nahua Veracruz Contemporary Jumper Sleeveless Dress

This traditional Nahua baby girls dress is made by women in the communities near Veracruz.

All handmade by women in the communities. The Nahuas are a group of indigenous, they are centered in the middle of Mexico. These amazing traditional garments speak for themselves, the mothers of the community weave in their product about their daily lives. Embroidery takes approximately two weeks by a skilled artisan, and she take it to another community which is around 2 hours far on foot, then they assemble the embroidery part into the dress. Using our product you are sharing the story of women in Mexico whose hearts and dreams are carried in this piece.

Let's pick up the perfect mommy and baby matching dress for you and your little bundle of joy.

Color description is only for the fabric, the combinations of thread colors and embroidery patterns are unique. Every dress is handmade by artisans which produce one-of-kind variations. This makes them uniquely charming and distinct from factory-made clothing.