Mexican Clothing Co.


Puebla Shift Mexican Blouse

This blouse is embroidered by women in Tehuacan Puebla. All handmade by women in the communities, the design of sleeves makes it look very traditional. It may take few months to make a blouse. The cut and designs are usually created from family or cooperative, some figures of the embroidery were inspired by the art work of historic buildings. Using our product you are sharing the story of women in Mexico whose hearts and dreams are carried in this piece. Style your blouse with pants or a skirt to make it look gorgeous. For the most successful look, simply match the colors of your pants or skirt and dress together: pink, orange, yellow, and ivory are good starters. Please refer to the guide of different sizes before ordering: XS 32-33 inches, S 34-35 inches, M 36-37 inches, L 38.5-40 inches, XL 42-44 inches, XXL 46-48.5 inches, XXXL 50 inches. The length of the blouse is 28 inches. Relaxed loose fit cut dress, the critical measurement is the bust. If you are between two sizes, is recommend to order the large one.